Shared Mail

What is it? A method of mailing in which businesses combine their delivery vehicle in order to save a significant amount of money on postage.

What does it look like? Check your mailbox toward the end of the week (typically a Thursday or Friday).  It arrives in a large magazine style flyer, folded in half (the WRAP) with several free-standing inserts inside.

How can I target residents? You choose the geographies important to your business.  We mail your flyers to every home.


Our Shared Mail Products:


1. Megacards  (11" x 13" or 11"x14")

  • The largest, most powerful piece in the shared mail package. It literally sticks out due to the size.
  • Printed on a heavy, coated postcard stock.
  • DESIGN, PRINT & MAIL for about 15 cents per home! e.g.  20,000 for $3,155)


2. Wraps (11.5"x 20.5")

  • The outside jacket of the shared mail package.
  • 4 full pages to promote your event, display merchandise or tell your story.
  • DESIGN, PRINT & MAIL for about 12 cents per home!

3. Free-Standing Inserts

  • Extremely cost effective
  • Wide variety of insert products- entirely customizable to fit any budget
  • We can mail pre-printed brochures, menus, etc.- cutting your postage cost by 1/2 or more!



National Program:
We work collaboratively with many shared mail companies across the U.S. (including Valassis and other A.N.N.E. network members). Through this partnership we can maintain our same low postage rates for regional and national campaigns.

Weekly NH/ME Seacoast Program (A Co-Op, Total Market Coverage Program): 
Approximately 90% directly mailed on its own
Approximately 10% arrives with local newspapers (subscribers only)

Monthly Concord, NH Shared Mail Program: Approximately 100% of homes directly mailed.

  • Megacard
  • Megacard
  • Wrap
  • Wrap
  • Megacard
  • Megacard
  • Megacard
  • Wrap
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