D Card 3 inch

Introducing the D-Card...

  • Stands Alone in the Mailbox (NOT AN INSERT!!)
  • Same exposure as 1st Class Mail
  • Add variable content, magnets and more!
  • DESIGN, PRINT & MAIL from about 14-15 cents per home!

How it works:

The D-Card (referred to by the USPS as a D.A.L. card) mails on the same day with other direct mail pieces- yet stands alone in the mailbox (not inserted).  Even though it arrives as a solo mail piece with the rest of your First Class mail, advertisers get the benefit of shared mail postage.  This leads to a much higher return on investment.  You select the geography important to you.  EMS will design, print and mail your D-Card for about 14-15 cents per home.  Yes, this price includes postage!  (eg.  20,000 D-Cards for about $3000!)

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