Why Direct Mail with EMS?

Mail at 1/2 the cost

We offer mail at an average of 1/2 the cost of our competitors. Get postcards, wraps and inserts designed, printed and mailed with postage for just 4-14¢ each!

Total Market Coverage

Our mail coverage gives you 100% of homes in the geography you choose. Where other media is so fractured (TV, internet, radio - consider the number of options), your customers only have one mailbox.

Superior Targeting

Mail to the zip codes with the demographics and geography that best fit your customer (income, household value, single family units, etc.), with no duplication or waste.

Eye-Catching and On-Brand Design

Eastern Marketing Services has a team of highly experienced graphic designers at your disposal. Our direct mail campaigns demand attention while bringing forth the personality of your brand.

Measurable R.O.I.

Our mail campaigns are built to drive results. We have a proven track record of creating exciting results for our clients and driving a positive return on their investment.