Our Story

Eastern Marketing Services was founded by Bill Bryon and Dale Tock in the summer of 1986. At the outset, EMS sold only postcards (Detached Address Labels) for monthly flyers mailed by several major, independent retailers in New Hampshire, Maine and northern Massachusetts. In 1994, EMS transitioned from single piece deliveries to multi-piece packages. This “shared mail” approach allowed retailers to share the postal expense of reaching zip codes of common interest, and provided EMS with an expanded and sustainable client base. By 1998, EMS was able to provide weekly delivery to over 150,000 homes across three states. Eastern Marketing was acquired by Seacoast Media Group in 2014 and continues to offer great value and return on investment for their customers each and every week.

According to founding partner Bill Bryon, shared mail is the most effective and cost efficient way to advertise. “It has no peers,” he said. “By providing businesses with the opportunity to reach every potential customer within their specific geographic and, to some extent, demographic market, it normally provides a ROI of at least 10 to 1, often far greater.”

In addition to generating the strongest possible response, EMS has always been committed to integrity at every organizational level and in every relationship. Mr. Bryon’s words still ring true, “We believe that business is both an opportunity and a responsibility.” For businesses both large and small, EMS is committed to playing its part in helping the local economy to thrive.

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